The Mantis Is Musical Pornography

“Material With Little Or No Artistic Merit Whose Primary Function Is To Cause Sexual Excitement”

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Who are MDJ?

Mantis Defeats Jaguar are a 4 piece Nu-Metal band from the Black Country, West Midlands in the UK. With funky original riffs & smorgasbord of catchy vocals MDJ are able to create something unique and always bring the energy to get the party started (Think Chili Peppers meets RATM) Pair this with a truly eye catching show and stage antics including costumes to boot and you’ll be sure to have one hell of an experience which is… The Mantis.

Originally formed in 2009, MDJ had some modest local success playing many live gigs and festivals (most notably playing The Rock & Blues Custom Show 2011, Derbyshire) until disbanding at the end of that year. Reforming during the covid pandemic in 2020 and finally getting their act together. They recorded and released their first single ‘Advantage Mantis’ and have never looked back. Their out and out main goal is to have fun, love one another and always put a smile on peoples faces. Oh and of course ‘Super high fly karate kick your ass!’


JP – ‘Humping & Shouty MC’

Mex – ‘Señor Tremolo’ AKA ‘Sub-Comandante Drop D’ AKA ‘Chief Ethnic Detuning Officer’

Jimmy – ‘Chief Swears At Fingers’

Pete – ‘Sweaty Syncopation Wizard’

Why MDJ?

“It’s funny because whenever we tell people who we are they always second guess us. They say ‘What was your name again?’ or ‘sorry what was that?’ which is cool because it’s different.” JP explains.

“It started with a kind of bidding war between me and Dan to see who could come up with the most extravagant band name in the world. The stranger the better. It was like one or two words to start with then it turned into full blown paragraphs with like 100 characters.

It was all by text, I think the official text was something like ‘Mantis Defeats Jaguar in a game of chess that spanned over 12 years of mental torture and stress related illness’, something like that. I remember Dan text back saying ‘You know what, I really like Mantis Defeats Jaguar’ and it just stuck”

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It started in the dimly lit corner of a forgotten chess club, two figures faced each other across a worn-out board. Their eyes locked, intensity radiating from their brows. Mantis, the Enigma grandmaster with a penchant for cryptic moves, sat opposite Jaguar, the fiery challenger fuelled by raw determination.

The game began innocently enough—a pawn’s advance, a knight’s leap. But as the sun dipped below the horizon, the pieces took on a life of their own. The spectators whispered, sensing something extraordinary unfolding.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and still, the game raged on. The chess club became their battleground, the pieces mere pawns in their cosmic struggle. Mantis moved with calculated precision, each piece a brushstroke on the canvas of fate. Jaguar, fuelled by passion and desperation, continued with reckless abandon.

The mental strain was palpable. Sleepless nights, caffeine-fueled binges, and whispered curses echoed through the room. Mantis developed a nervous tic, while Jaguar lost weight, haunted by phantom checkmates.

As the years passed, sacrifices were made. Mantis sacrificed a bishop—his sanity—for a strategic advantage. Jaguar sacrificed a rook—his health—for a glimmer of hope. The chessboard mirrored their lives: a battlefield strewn with broken dreams and shattered illusions.

The spectators dwindled, replaced by rumours of a cursed game. Some claimed the pieces whispered secrets at night, urging the players toward madness. Others swore they saw shadows move independently, dancing to a silent symphony of despair.

And then, on a stormy night, it happened. Mantis’s queen moved across the board, weaving an intricate web. Jaguar’s king stumbled, cornered. The spectators held their breath as Mantis whispered, “Checkmate.”

But Jaguar laughed—a wild, unhinged sound. His eyes blazed with defiance. “Not yet,” he declared. And with a move that defied logic, he sacrificed his queen, leaving Mantis stunned.

The room trembled. Lightning struck outside, illuminating the board. Jaguar whispered, “I’ve been playing for your soul, old friend.”

Mantis collapsed, tears streaming down his face. “Why?” he rasped.

Jaguar smiled, his body frail. “Because sometimes, victory isn’t about winning. It’s about breaking free.”

And with that, Jaguar toppled his own king, ending the game. The room fell silent. The pieces crumbled into dust.

They say that night, both players vanished. Some claim they merged into the chessboard itself, forever locked in a battle of wits. Others say they transcended mortality, becoming constellations in the night sky.And so, the legend of Mantis Defeats Jaguar was born—a cautionary tale of obsession, sacrifice, and the thin line between victory and defeat.

Now the chess club still stands, its doors forever closed. But if you listen closely, you might hear the echo of whispered moves and the ghostly laughter of two players locked in eternal combat.

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