The Mantis Is Musical Pornography

“Material With Little Or No Artistic Merit Whose Primary Function Is To Cause Sexual Excitement”

“We’re Gonna Super High Fly Karate Kick Your Ass!”
“If Someone Falls Down, Pick ’em Up Right!”
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1st June 2024
Digbeth, Birmingham, UK
Mantis Defeats Jaguar @ Devil’s Dog Digbeth w/ Pulverise
23rd June 2024
London, UK
East Finchley Music Festival
6th July 2024
Halesowen, UK
Halesowen Carnival & Music Festival


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“Get Out Your Pouch Like A Joey And Bounce”

Who are MDJ?

Mantis Defeats Jaguar is a dynamic four-piece ensemble from the Black Country in the West Midlands, UK. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of global influences, they masterfully fuse various musical genres to craft a sound that is both unique and electrifying, guaranteed to kickstart any party. Immersed in the vibrant realms of Hip Hop, Metal, and Funk, Mantis Defeats Jaguar crafts a sound reminiscent of the fusion between the fiery energy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the raw power of Rage Against The Machine. Coupled with a visually stunning performance, complete with eye-catching costumes and unbridled stage presence, their shows promise an unparalleled, high-octane experience that embodies the spirit of… The Mantis.

Originally formed in 2009, Mantis Defeats Jaguar (MDJ) experienced modest local success, captivating audiences with their live performances at numerous gigs and festivals. Notably, they graced the stage at The Rock & Blues Custom Show 2011 in Derbyshire. However, fate intervened, and the band disbanded by the year’s end.

Fast forward to the tumultuous year of 2020, during the global pandemic. MDJ emerged from the shadows, reuniting with renewed determination. Their creative energies flowed, resulting in the recording and release of their debut single, “Advantage Mantis.” Since then, they’ve never looked back.

MDJ’s unwavering mission? To have funspread love, and ignite smiles on people’s faces. And let’s not forget of course “Super High-Fly Karate Kick Your Ass!”


JP – ‘Humping & Shouty MC’

Mex – ‘Señor Tremolo’ AKA ‘Sub-Comandante Drop D’ AKA ‘Chief Ethnic Detuning Officer’

Jimmy – ‘Chief Swears At Fingers’

Pete – ‘Sweaty Syncopation Wizard’

Why MDJ?

“It’s funny because whenever we tell people who we are they always second guess us. They say ‘What was your name again?’ or ‘sorry what was that?’ which is cool because it’s different.” JP explains.

“It started with a kind of bidding war between me and Dan to see who could come up with the most extravagant band name in the world. The stranger the better. It was like one or two words to start with then it turned into full blown paragraphs with like 100 characters.

It was all by text, I think the official text was something like ‘Mantis Defeats Jaguar in a game of chess that spanned over 12 years of mental torture and stress related illness’, something like that. I remember Dan text back saying ‘You know what, I really like Mantis Defeats Jaguar’ and it just stuck”

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Excellent Footage

“No more rabbit’s for me”

‘Official’ Advantage Mantis Video

Raw Sound TV Live performance & Interview

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